Create personalized programs designed to optimize your health through sustainable and subtle lifestyle shifts, resulting in effortless weight-loss and weight management. 

Hello there! My name is Kayla Brandon and I'm so happy you found my little corner of the Internet. I believe living a holistically healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong body and mind.

Through my studies at the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my aim is to help you identify your wellness goals, design a holistic program that fits your physical and emotional needs, while also showing you how to maintain balance in all other areas of your life.

I'm known for my ambition, empathy and kindness—all traits I use throughout my coaching programs. I'm not here to be a drill sergeant or guilt you into changing your ways, I'm simply here to educate, empower and inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.

So, who are you? Let's connect! I love making new friends who become lifelong learners of all things wellness. Book your complimentary 20-minute health consultation with me today.

What clients are saying

“Kayla has helped me make small adjustments to my meal plan and habits that are tasty and sustainable. I especially appreciate that her suggestions are not based on her own preferences/habits, but based on MY life, schedule, and nutritional needs. She has helped me build routines that I look forward to every day and has been a constant cheerleader.”


"Kayla has not only helped transform my relationship with food, but she has helped transform how I view myself: my confidence, body image and self-worth. She is not just a coach but someone who truly cares for others, especially her clients. She wants her clients to succeed and will go to all lengths to make that happen. Her passion extends beyond coaching, as she helps women and men alike become the best version of themselves."