Enjoy family, friends, and food this holiday season with five tips

The holidays are such a special time – a time to visit with loved ones, catch up with old friends, and indulge in alllll the seasonal grub. But for those who are either committed to living a healthy lifestyle or are trying to lose weight, the holidays can also (sadly) be anxiety inducing. If either of these folks sound like you, check out my 5 KB Fitt Tips to “thrive, not survive” the holidays.

Don’t change your eating routine.

Let me know if this sounds like you – the day of Thanksgiving or a huge holiday party, you essentially starve yourself and “save all your calories” for the one BIG meal you’ll have later. If you can relate to restricting food, only to eat your body weight in stuffing and pie later on, this tip is for you! I used to notoriously snack on fruits the day of Thanksgiving, splurging on what I perceived as “bad food” at dinner (and again at like 9 p.m. for round 3). While it might seem like you’re saving calories, you’re really double or even tripling your food intake when you approach holiday meals like this! Eat as NORMAL as you possibly can, enjoying a balanced breakfast, maybe a lighter lunch, and healthy snacks, such as almond butter with apples, or veggies and hummus. When dinner time rolls around, you'll be ready to dig in (and you should!), but you won’t be so ravished that you’re overstuffing yourself simply just to eat.

Enjoy all your favorite holiday treats…in moderation.

Ahh, the dreaded “m word.” Moderation might sound cliché in the wellness world, but it is so dang true. Eat your mom’s homemade sugar cookies, your neighbor’s pumpkin pie, and everything your heart desires – just don’t go on a sugar rampage, cha feel? If you’re going to have a pie of pie or a slice of cake at a party, enjoy one with a nice glass of milk (I prefer almond milk), decaf coffee, or water. Filling up on just treats alone, without drinking anything, is likely to leave you wanting more. After all, this is the only time of the year you’re probably going to have so much homemade goodness surrounding you 24/7 – you’d be silly not to enjoy it!

Get your fam jam moving.

How many times have you gone home for the holidays, only to sit around and lounge with your family? Two hands up for me! Those days are incredibly necessary to relax and focus on meaningful conversation, but why not mix it up? Something my family loves to do is go for walks on a nearby nature trail with our family dog, Maggie. It’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones, while getting your body moving. If you’re in a state where it’s free-zing during the holidays (shoutout to my fellow Detroiters), bundle up! Being cold is no excuse to be a couch potato :)

Drink up! On water, that is…

The holidays are full of delicious food, but they’re also full of booze, ya’ll. Don’t get me wrong, a nice glass of wine by the fire, or some champagne is always welcome in my lifestyle, but I pick and choose times to indulge. Do I really want or need a glass of wine when I’ve already had a huge plate of Thanksgiving dinner? For me, personally, no. But if I’m seeing my college friends for dinner or brunch, you can bet I’ll enjoy an adult beverage – that’s what I call “socially drinking.” I don’t drink for the sake of just drinking, I like to have a reason, such as celebrating a certain holiday, a friend’s birthday, or the fact I made it through 2017 (kidding, of course). Alcohol has a sneaky way of being your friend one minute, and causing you to go back for thirds at the dessert table the next. Drinking inhibits your ability to make decisions and throws caution to the wind, so choose wisely regarding when and how much you’re drinking. I like to go into the evening with a number in mind – let’s say two drinks – and I will set my drink limit to two in advance. By doing so, I’m less likely to accept another glass of wine after I’ve definitely hit my limit.

Don’t beat yourself up.

Let’s say you tried your hardest to stick to tips 1 through 4, but you just fell off the wagon, don’t be too hard on yourself! Life is about more than hitting your goal weight or having abs, it’s about making lasting relationships and loving others – plain and simple. So if you found yourself getting off track, drink some water, get a good night’s sleep, and crush your workout tomorrow. You are more than a number on a scale, and it’s about time you realized that :)

Happy Holidays, friends!