Travel hacks: Eat healthy and stay fit without breaking the bank

With the Summer season swiftly approaching, your travel game is most likely going from "meh" to "what city am I in now?!" ammirite?

Don't get stuck buying a $6 green juice from the airport because you're trying to be #healthy, but didn't have time to prepare...

Use my go-to travel hacks below, and stay fit without breaking the bank :)

1. Pack real, whole foods.

Before every trip I take, I pack a few basics:

  • Unsalted almonds

  • Oats

  • Fruit (apples = great, bananas = get smooshed and mushy in your purse)

  • RX Bars

For the almonds and oats, it's far cheaper to buy in bulk and then package them in bags! I aim to pack ONE serving of oats and a serving of almonds for every day of my trip, just in case there are no healthy breakfast options available at the hotel/loved one's house I'm staying at!

Pre-packing snacks/breakfast not only saves you money, but also saves you time if you can't hit up a grocery store when you arrive at your destination :)

Pro tip: If you have an early flight and didn't have time for breakfast, ask the flight attendant for a hot cup of water on the plane and stir in your oats! Instant, healthy and filling breakfast, without paying absurd airline costs.

2. If you don't pack food, avoid the smoothie trap!

Smoothies at airports might seem like the healthiest option (and sometimes, they can be!), but I've found most eateries use fruit juice/pre-made smoothie packs in their recipes, rather than WHOLE fruit -- which is higher in sugar and calories.

Instead, try to get something high in protein and healthy fat. Odds are, you'll have a Starbucks available anywhere you travel, so feel free to take some of my recommendations for the best nutritional "bang for your buck" at America's favorite coffee shop:

3. Resistance bands will save your life!

While getting a gym membership for a week or so can help ease any anxiety around working out you might have, it can also be pretty pricey. If you're traveling somewhere warm, take your workout outside! Run, walk, bike, skip rope, row -- whatever floats your boat :)

For those who are looking for something other than a traditional cardio workout, resistance bands will be your best friend.

My personal favorite bands are those with handles, like this set found on Amazon for less than $20!

Another cost-effective option is bringing a set of ankle or hand weights to add a challenge to solid body weight workout. Here's a lower body ankle-weight workout I posted not too long ago, for some inspo!

4. BOYB - bring your own bottle.

How many times have you been completely dehydrated on vacation, and were forced to spend $4-$5 on a giant water bottle? I am guilty of this myself!

It's 2018, we all know plastic bottles are bad for the environment and aren't necessary if you carry your own reusable water bottle :)

Stash an empty bottle in your carry on or purse and fill it up with water at an airport water fountain or restaurant! You'd be surprised how many restaurants/coffee shops are completely fine with you taking some "water to go" -- just ask your waiter or cashier!

5. Wear your workout shoes on the plane.

I don't know about you, but my workout shoes take up valuable space in my suitcase!

Don your cute sneaks with jeans (which also take up more room than leggings), and you have more room to pack clothes, workout gear, camera equipment -- whatever your heart desires :)

Wearing comfy shoes is also a great way to get some light cardio in at the airport! I often take laps while waiting to board (if I have time), since I'll be sitting for a few hours on the plane. You'd be surprised how fast your steps add up!

I hope these travel hacks help you stay fit, healthy and financially sound on your next journey!

Happy traveling :)